Bespoke Valeting Solutions – Professional Car Valeting Solutions in West Yorkshire, UK

How We Do It

Using the latest products, techniques and knowledge available today we are able to undertake and variety of services as listed and because we are not tied into any one supplier we have access to a vast range of products and are continually looking for new developments and updates.

Mini Valet

Mini Valet

Our most basic package primarily aimed at companies requiring a regular service from weekly to monthly *

  • * Minimum 2 vehicles
  • Citrus degreaser applied to lower vehicle to break down traffic film and general grime
  • Wheel acid treatment applied to break down brake dust and general grime
  • Jet washed to remove all traffic film and general grime
  • Conditioning shampoo applied with soft sponge then rinsed and leather dried
  • Tyres dressed with rubber dressing
  • Polish windows interior / exterior
  • Vacuum interior mats and seats also boot if accessible
  • Dust dashboard / centre console
  • Deodorising spray applied to interior
From £20.00
Full Valet

Full Valet as above plus

  • Exterior hand polished with a premium wax
  • Exterior plastics and trim dressed with appropriate dressing
  • Tar spots removed from exterior panels
  • Ashtrays emptied and rubbish removed
  • Interior headlining cleaned with foam cleaner
  • Interior plastics and trim dressed with appropriate dressing
  • Interior carpets and seats shampooed (fabric) or leather cleaner (leather)
From £60.00
Paint Sealants

Paint Sealants

The sole purpose of a paint sealant is to protect your vehicles paintwork from the extreme environment in which it is exposed to daily; namely the suns UV rays, fallout from trees, tree sap, road salt and grime. These are all contributing factors to corrosion and paint fading.

Paint sealants are made from polymers (synthetics) similar to a Teflon coating, when the sealant bonds to your vehicles paint it forms a rigid shell with a slick glossy finish and despite some manufacturers claims, through experience these will last up to six months and considerably longer if maintained regularly.

Please note: prior to a sealant application it may be necessary to treat the paintwork with other processes, particularly on older vehicles, please call us for advice.

Carnauba Waxes

Carnauba Waxes

Carnauba waxes are often seen as the ultimate in paint work finishing because of the rich warm glow it creates and the transformation it can produce which no picture can capture. Carnauba is a natural wax as opposed to the polymer paint sealant and goes through many processes to create that stunning wet look finish. All applications are by hand and will also protect against UV, fallout, acid rain etc. In a nutshell carnauba wax is second to none for a stunning finish.



The above two services come under our "Detailing" services and should not be confused with a full valet or any other service in the sense that valeting is about a general enhancement and "freshen up" of the vehicles appearance, detailing is more in depth and is about reconditioning all aspects of the appearance and the whole process can normally take up to two days to complete. In many instances the results can be more impressive (and cheaper) than a re-spray. Please note; prices are an estimate only, for an accurate price please call us for a free consultation

From £150.00 - £350.00
Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Paint correction is a process which removes swirl marks, scratches, hologram's and faded paint work often caused by incorrect washing techniques and constant exposure to the elements but to name a few. This is achieved by using the latest products and techniques not to mention patience and time. We will in many cases effectively restore the paintwork to its original colour and condition where possible, this process is a much more cost effective way than visiting a body shop for a re-spray etc. prior to any treatment we would highly recommend a consultation to give an accurate assessment and price.

From £100.00 - £300.00
Odour Elimination

Odour Elimination

AROMATEK is a permanent solution to in-vehicle odours. The system uses dry vapour produced from natural essential oils to:

  • Neutralise and permanently remove malodours such as those produced by tobacco smoke, animals and food.
  • Re-odourise and refresh "stale" interiors. Unlike conventional air-fresheners the dry vapour produced by the Aromatek system penetrates deep into the porous surfaces inside the vehicle.
From £30.00
Valet Training

Valet Training

Spend the day at our workshop and learn all the aspects of preparing a car to a stunning finish, having access to all our products and techniques not to mention invaluable knowledge. The course is on a 1-1 basis and your own vehicle will be the subject, so not only will you have a stunning vehicle and invaluable product knowledge and techniques, you also have the potential to start your own business or earn a little extra cash. Please call us for more details

From £200.00
Before After

Refurbishment/Cosmetic Repairs

We are now proud to offer a fully mobile service for the restoration and repair of alloy wheels and minor bodywork damage often referred to as SMART repairs.

Alloy wheels are often prone to damage caused by kerbing, scuffing and corrosion, once repaired they will enhance your vehicles appearance and value.

All vehicles during their lifetime are prone to minor damage whether it be a cracked wing mirror casing, car park bump or scratch or even vandal damage, we are able to repair the damaged area using the latest products and techniques available today.

Please call us for a free estimate.

Vehicle Management

At Bespoke Valeting Solutions we have learned to recognise that not every body has the time to look after their vehicles as they should, whether it be the vehicle requiring a service through to tyre replacement or even simply driving the vehicle if it gets minimum use or has been in storage, all of which can be frustrating and time consuming. We are now able to offer a truly bespoke service on all of the above by simply calling us and leaving us to do the rest, be assured that throughout the process we will liaise with the relevant dealership / garage and give you constant progress updates. All these services are from as little as 30.00 ph which is considerably less than any dealership / labour rate. Please call us for free advice.